Carpet Stores The Ins and Outs of Finding a Good Store

Finding a reputable carpet store in your area can always be an issue for a new homeowner fresh in the market for new flooring. The situation you find yourself in begs the question how do you find a reputable carpeting store, and what are the telltale signs you can use to determine the best place to go. I’ve been asked this question many times since I would take a few minutes to examine some reliable key indicators that will lead you to both a valued community member and carpet store you can trust. I hope you’ll be nodding your head as you read what I have to say about the matter.


  1. Let’s start off with the most obvious, by asking your friends and family, and who they prefer and why. Most of our friends and family and have not recently used a carpet company, and will have forgotten the overall service however of a past company. However there’ll be an earmarked silver trail of what transpired in their memory of something both familiar and remarkable to the service they received. Asked them why they remember that company you’ll probably find the most remarkable thing there remember is what they found most important.
  2. As we now live in an age of social media and any number of go to places such as Yelp, the Yellow Pages and a variety of opinion sites there are more than likely reviews of the company you are looking  at. Now let’s talk about reviews, in a perfect world reviews would be objective and not subjective. The reviewer would tell you in a timeline fashion what happened and allow you the reader and judge to determine who was at fault. Unfortunately that’s not human nature. And it goes without saying as it’s all our experience that those people who love to cry from the top of the hill how they’ve been hurt populate opinion sites. These are the first people I look for as obvious eliminations. Secondly there is your friendly competitor who’s decided it would be a great idea to write a bad review about another company. Harder to pick up on however if they speak in general terms and don’t mention any specifics which most customers who had an incident will mention a specific as they try to explain themselves. You can usually see through these as smear campaigns. and of course there is the self placed positive and glowing review by the business and the businesses friends. It Goes without saying this is the opposite of the smear campaign and you’re looking for the same telltale signs. Ultimately when sleuthing out the real reviews, you want to look for incident, resolution and satisfaction with the entire job. This speaks of a real event and how it played out.
  3. A quick follow-up on the web at the Better Business Bureau will allow you to see if the companies which you are thinking of entertaining as your next flooring company and if they have any real or large strikes against them. In my experience badly run companies cannot get out from underneath themselves and continue on the path obstruction and destruction. It apparent by the complaints and the type of complaints which are lodged against them. I care less about trivial complaints such as he was not on time, he was disheveled, or I did not like his demeanor. These types of comments by customers are social indicators and not predictors of how well a job is done, only that the person complaining could not find a way to play well. To close, use the Better Business Bureau site and read any complaints that you might see with a grain of salt.
  4. This may seem a little less apparent however it is a telltale sign of the strength of the company. What I’m talking about is Advertising. If the company you are seeking is advertising in a variety of places such as magazines, newspapers,  Google Adwords Yahoo! and or Bing. They have the strength and the ability to provide the service they are advertising. I hope most people would agree that advertising a product and the not being able to deliver on it would be deliriously stupid on any businesses part. What they are saying in an advertisement is their declaration of the company’s ability to deliver on the product and they’re willing to pay to say so. Think of advertising as a level of ability to successfully complete the job.
  5. This is a sneaky trick and it works wonderfully well by, using either local Yellow Pages or online search. Search for wholesale providers. Once found give them a ring and tell them you would absolutely love to use the product. However can they suggest a good company in your local area or perhaps two companies.  Why this is sneaky is the fact that the wholesaler will provide to you the companies that pay their bills on time. Like any social experiment outcome, if someone is considered less than by their colleagues.  You will not find an appreciation for the less desired’s work. And so it goes, companies who engage the whole sellers on a daily basis will be advanced to the front and given to you as good companies to work with. This means they are paying their bills and they’re using the host sellers product, and the wholesaler would like to continue that pattern, by giving you the retailer’s name. As well, as a pat on their own back, they will tell the retailer they have sent them a customer. In business sending another business a customer is always good as gold.
  6. We’ve use the wholesaler  trick now let’s look at the installer trick. All of the same social signals apply for the installer. They get paid by the retailer they engage on a daily basis with the retailer and they know who the best ones to work with, and they see all the dirty laundry that you do not know about. They know when the retailer does not have product and they can tell when the retailer cannot pay for product. Talking to whole sellers and installers really gives you a fundamental health check on the retailer.
  7. I’m placing this at the last part of this small essay because time on the job or length in business unfortunately does not always indicate quality at the time you engaged with the business. People come and go and businesses can and do change. Believing  that a company that is been in business for 60 years will be the best simply does not work in today’s market. Is it a key indicator? I really don’t believe so, nor do I think It an indicator it is as strong as the other ones I’ve already explained.

I wish you good luck finding flooring, I personally know it’s not easy finding a good company. I have written at this point over 2000 pages about flooring matters. In that time I’ve accumulated the information I’ve imparted to you above. It is really the best advice I can give. Ultimately you’ll be the judge as to the value of the flooring you purchase but that is an entirely different conversation away from how to find a good flooring company.